Monday, May 16, 2016

How to Know When Enough Is Enough

Anyone running their own business will tell you there’s that certain task they’re required to do to ensure the efficient running of their business that they keep putting off because they simply dislike the task or they’re not very good at doing it. And of course, this is where outsourcing comes in. Sometimes it simply makes good business sense to outsource a task while you carry on doing what you’re really good at.

Making Smart Business Decisions

Some freelance translators are quite capable of doing their own accounting, and some are not! And then there are others who are very capable of handling their own accounting but choose not to because it’s a time-consuming task and they feel their time is better spent doing what they excel at, and that’s translating documents. If you really love running your own freelance translation business and everything is going exceptionally well for you in terms of work coming in, accounts being paid, and so on; however, there’s that one task that really bugs you, like proofreading, editing, accounting, or whatever that task may be, then it might be time to consider outsourcing that task.

It’s Not Easy Letting Go

Understandably, it can be very hard to let go of the control reigns and allow what is literally an outsider into your business life but, once you’ve found the ideal person to handle that specific task, you’ll look back and wonder why it took you so long to make this decision. And it may be that the first person you choose is not a good fit for you, so continue looking until you find the right person. Just because you run your own business it doesn’t mean you’re an expert at absolutely everything, and perhaps your expertise lies in your translation skills but not in proofreading or editing. And that’s okay! Find someone whose expertise does lie in that area and together you’ll boost your business’s profit; in addition to the fact that you’ve now excused yourself from the task you don’t enjoy doing, allowing you to continue to enjoy running your own business.

Accounting for any business, whether large or small, can be quite complicated and there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to. If all of this sounds daunting to you, then look for someone who is qualified to handle this important task for you. Outsourcing an important aspect of any business, such as accounting, is simply a smart business decision.

Helping Each Other in the Translation Industry

Again, outsourcing any task should pass the two main outsourcing qualification tests: Is this a task you don’t enjoy doing, and will the outsourcing pay for itself?

If you have any suggestions for translators out there on other tasks that perhaps you outsource, or are considering outsourcing or looking for one hour translation reviews, we’d love to from you. We’re all in this translation industry together, and it’s our opinion that we should do whatever we can to help each other successfully run our freelance translation businesses. The translation industry is a relatively small one, so let’s work together and make it a great one!

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