Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fast Translation Services Are Expected and Not Asked For

Fast online translation services
The online translation services industry is constantly progressing. In the past, offering general translation and interpreting services was perfectly acceptable, but nowadays customers expect an expert service delivered at great speed. The latter has become an increasingly important factor for companies wanting to keep up with the competition and meet the demands of an increasingly globalized corporate customer base.

In service industries around the world, customers expect the best quality products and they want it yesterday. If you can't deliver, they simply turn to Google to find your competitor, who is willing and able to do what you couldn't. The same is true of the translation services industry: companies are jostling for position in a crowded market space and only those offering high quality and fast service can survive.

Industries That Demand Fast Translation

Translation assignments are usually one part of a larger project that has tight deadlines; creating a marketing campaign for a new product release in China, translating a new Spanish website or localizing a user manual for the release of a new Toyota in Portugal. Translation is often one cog in the larger project that needs to keep pace to avoid hold-ups on the line.

> eCommerce

eCommerce is a huge industry for translation companies, and customers in this space need fast and accurate services to communicate with their buyers in multiple languages every day. Providers here need to work in close partnership with their customers on a daily basis to meet their high frequency/low volume demands.

> Legal
Translation of legal documentation can come with some very tight deadlines. Contracts and commercial agreements can be very time-sensitive, so providers in this space have to be able to deliver accurate and timely services.

How Companies Can Offer Fast Services

> Machine Translation
This is an increasingly popular method of delivering fast translations, though it's not advised for maximum accuracy. When machine translation is used for volume projects and paired with human editing, this can be a very effective means of delivering high volumes of content at speed.

> Integrated Software
Many translation services companies offer integrated software that speeds up the ordering process for their customers. With a few clicks of the mouse customers can have any text translated without going through a typical ordering process online.

> Translator Network Internal System
Having a large pool of translators working across all time zones is a key way to ensure fast human translation. A robust in-house system that delivers, tracks and receives orders from freelancers is essential to facilitate a fast turnaround time.

Companies That Provide Fast Translation

> One Hour Translation (OHT)
OHT offers the fastest translation service in the industry, with a one hour turnaround time, if required. It can facilitate this thanks to its very large freelancer workforce and strong online ordering system.

> Tolingo
Similar to OHT, Tolingo also calls on a large number of freelancers to deliver its human translations, and also has a smooth online ordering process. Its 3 hour translation time is well above average in the industry.

Speed is of the essence in today's online translation industry. There are a number of ways companies can increase on their speed of service, but human translation is still the preferred method. Companies that want to keep up must streamline their internal processes to generate fast and accurate translations, which are now expected as standard in an increasingly globalized, fast-paced and demanding market.


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